Graduation in Santa Cruz, Research in UK

I’m a Bachelor (Bachelorette?) of Music! The department had commencement last Thursday, which was really another kind of concert – there were at least as many student performances as there were speeches from professors and deans. The same jazz combo pulled for our May 24th gig performed an original arrangement of Monk’s “Well You Needn’t” into Herbie Hancock’s “Eye of the Hurricane” (which I had just seen Christian Scott and Elena Pinderhughes perform up in Oakland a couple of weeks earlier). Loved playing with these amazing musicians and people .



Less than 12 hours later I was on a plane to the UK. The music department had nominated me for an international research fellowship at the University of Sussex, working on the Altman Jazz Archive. I just posted about it over on the Muse-Tripper blog, and will probably be focusing most of my entries there for this summer. Stoked to spend the summer in Brighton listening and contributing to jazz!

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