One more – Recording and Video of “Expectations” for Jazz Combo

I actually started working on this one back in high school – 10th grade, maybe, but didn’t arrange it for jazz combo until this fall. Technically speaking, it’s my first piece, and it didn’t even had a name until its premiere at the Fall 2016 UCSC Jazz Concert.

This is the final piece I had lined up for this fall, capping off six months of composition, arranging, rearranging, editing, and recording. Huge thanks to the UC Santa Cruz Jazz Combo and director Stan Poplin for agreeing to take on my piece and working so hard on it.

Henry Wilson – Vibes

Gabe Meacham – Bass

Nelsen Hutchinson – Guitar

Michael Morales – Drums

Tom Bent – Sax

Camellia Boutros – Trumpet

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