Refuge Process Post #1 – Why Are We Waiting

Why Are We Waiting – Edan Mor blew our minds on this song. This was the fullest track on the album in terms of instrumentation, with keys, drums, tabla, bass, oud, and doubled vocals. I asked Edan if he would take a sax solo in 3 spots. He took it as an opportunity to layer alto sax in a way I’d never heard before, creating a texture and mood that was a completely different approach from the standard solo over changes. 

I asked him to appear on my album because I played a show (for @extremayya!) where he made his sax sound otherworldly, almost like a flute. I couldn’t imagine he’d come in and build up an atmosphere in the way he did. 

This album was such a collaborative discovery in sound. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing more about what we found during the process of creating it.

Check out videos of his solo here. Featured in these behind-the-scenes snippets: @makenobonesmusic listening very intently to catch everything Edan is doing 🎧

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