Muse-Tripper: Yazz Ahmed

yazzahmed-3-w700h700Just posted a quick blurb on Yazz Ahmed, a UK-based Bahraini-British jazz trumpet player over on Muse-Tripper. I discovered via, ironically, her article on SFJazz. Making a mention here too because not only is the article an illuminating read on working the modern jazz scene, but her new LP, La Saboteuse, is incredible and for sure going into my inspiration playlist. The album is definitely contemporary-sounding in its complex harmonies and time signatures, but the Arab folk and old jazz roots are weaved seamlessly into what is overall a rich and unique sounding album. It’s reminds me of Ibrahim Maalouf’s lyricism, Roy Hargrove’s experimentation with effects and editing, and Nicholas Payton’s smokey, psych mood. Click here for the Muse-Tripper post on it.

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